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Company Team Building Event

08 Mar
Company Team Building Event
Company Team Building Event
Company Team Building Event
Company Team Building Event
Company Team Building Event

In an effort to strengthen bonds and foster team spirit,Glory Magicrecently hosted an exciting and interactive team building event that combined the joys of barbecue and flying disc sports. The sunny afternoon saw the company's employees converge on the picturesque Greenfield Park for a day filled with laughter, good food, and friendly competition.


The event kicked off with a delectable barbecue feast, where colleagues, donning aprons and wielding tongs, worked together to grill an array of mouthwatering delights. The air was filled with the tantalizing aroma of sizzling meats, freshly baked bread, and the sweet scent of summer vegetables, creating an atmosphere of camaraderie and shared experience.


After satisfying their appetites, the team transitioned to the lush green fields for an invigorating game of frisbee. The park became a canvas for friendly rivalries, as teams tossed, caught, and sprinted with enthusiasm. The frisbee games not only showcased the agility and teamwork of the participants but also provided a platform for employees to connect beyond their professional roles.



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